Street Elders

Street Elders

Older people dancing, making films, composing and performing on the streets in Brighton.


Street Elder was an innovative project between Takepart Arts Ltd; Brighton & Hove Council; Age Concern; Council for Older People. The project was funded by B&H Arts Commission and Arts Council England South East.



What happened?

Street Elders engaged over 100 older people in cutting edge contemporary arts practice whilst challenging other members of the wider community to reconsider their assumptions about ageing. This transformational event confounded normal expectations and offered the streets of Brighton & Hove as a vast stage for older people. Street Elders challenged perceptions of ageing and deliver to older people new opportunities to learn, develop and participate in the vibrant cultural life of the city.

Four of the region’s artists (Susan Diab; Chris Cresswell; Robert Jarvis; Virginia Jarman) held workshops with groups of older people, leading them performing at Celebrating Age – Brighton and Hove’s Festival for Older People in July 2006


A permanent troupe of older people now meet and perform regularly in Brighton.


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