Harwich Children’s Carnival 2007

Children’s Carnival 2007

1000 children getting involved in carnival for the first time.


Creative Partnerships, Same Sky, Grand Theatre of Lemmings, Toby & Claire, Harwich Festival, various artists.


June 2007

What happened?

Takepart Arts worked across 6 deprived primary schools in the Tendring (Harwich & Clacton) area. 12 artists were emplyed in various schools teaching teachers and assistants some basics in carnival arts.

Each class of children in each school could then adapt what they were doing in school to the general theme of New Worlds. The children then came together for a carnival arounf Harwich in June 2007


There are plans for a Children’s Carnival in 2008, through which a sustainable model for an annual children’s event can be created.


Children’s Carnival evaluation